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Question 1:

Disruptions have both primary, direct consequences and secondary, indirect consequences. Choose a threat scenario and identify at least 7 secondary, indirect consequences for a worst-case version of that scenario. Given the time we spent using Hurricane Sandy as an object lesson, you may choose that specific disaster if you like. Also, explain how those secondary consequences can impede recovery.

Question 2:

You are the chief of planning for Gotham City's Office of Emergency Management. Your team is working on recovery planning, to prepare for future disasters. What needs to be done for critical infrastructure recovery planning that covers both both public and private sector critical infrastructures? What are some major inputs itno the plan? What priorities would you recommend for recovery?

Question 3:

Gotham City's Office of Emergency Management needs to develop plans for special needs populations. Describe how to approach both pre-disaster planning and preparations and immediate response activities for these groups.

Question 4:

The basic objectives of mitigation activities and safeguard controls are to reduce the likelihood or the consequences of incidents, or both. Select at least 5 different threats from across the spectrum of natural, technological, and human threats. For each selected threat, discuss those specific mitigations that would reduce risk likelihood (think prevention), or consequences. AND within your response address the relative effectiveness regarding each mitigation measure for those two factors.

Question 5:

You are responsible for the logistics branch under the Incident Command System in a major port city. In the wake of a major disaster, you need situational awareness on how to bring in response and relief resources via land, air, and water, and then stage and deploy those resources. What facilities and capabilities do you need information about? Also consider what supporting resources and infrastructures are needed. 

Reference no: EM13219257

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