How race and social economic status affect population health

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• Respond to both essays 1 and 2.
• Don't exceed 700 words for each (each essay should be 700 words at maximum).
• Cite at least 5 different articles (of those attached) for each essay.
• Don't use long quotations. Quotations that exceed the equivalent of two lines will result in a reduced grade.
• Be sure that you have a clear thesis statement and that your argument is logical, coherent and evidence-based.

Essay 1:

Respond to the following question as directed above:

How and why do race and Social Economic Status (SES) affect population health? Identify causes/ mechanisms and public health implications.

Essay 2:

Health literacy is the degree to which individual have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decision, ‘Healthy People 2020'. Effective translation of public health practices to audiences requires an ability to communicate public health messages in a way that "keeps it real".

Based on articles attached:

Step 1:
Identify any one (1) public health message in any medium (public services announcement (PSA)- TV ad, radio, youtube, etc., or print material/ pamphlet/ notice). Attach the health message for me to look at.

Step 2:Describe (if possible)
• Who is the intended audience(s)?
• What is the primary message?
• What is the message asking the viewer to "d" - "what is the call to action?"

Step 3:

Evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of the public health message citing at least 5 of the articles attached (as directed above). From a public health perspective, how might you improve on the message?

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Reference no: EM13881372

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