How psychology has impacted these aspects
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Potential students often look for guidance regarding the programs that they are considering. You are a program assistant at a local university. You have been asked by your department chair (psychology) to create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students.

This booklet will be given out at information sessions and will be sent to students requesting more information. The department chair asks you to create this booklet with the undecided student in mind, remembering that while you don't want to scare students away, you also want to be truthful about the field. She asks for the following information to be included:

A description of the educational levels required and recommended (i.e. what can a MA level forensic psychologist do, versus a Doctorate level professional). Different roles that a forensic psychologist can take. This can include roles in the court and out as well as research possibilities. (2 pages)

A discussion of each of the following and discuss why is it important that all forensic psychologists need to be well-versed in them (3 pages):

Case Law

Specific Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and why they are important

Important past research in the field

Diversity issues

Ethical considerations

An analysis of at least three aspects of the American judicial system (such as eyewitness testimony, transfer of juveniles to criminal court, etc.), which are impacted most heavily by psychology and psychological research (3 pages). Be sure to discuss:

Three aspects of the American judicial system

How psychology has impacted these aspects

One research study for each aspect that is considered pivotal, classic or ground breaking in the field.

Your booklet needs to be at least 8 pages long. Because it is an informational booklet, it will not be formatted like a formal paper, but should be professionally and attractively presented. Please remember that all citations should follow APA formatting rules, and the majority of the information should be in a formal academic writing style. However, a minority of the information can be written in bulleted format.

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