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Human Resources Management (HRM) Summative Assessment: Essay (3000 words)

Essay question:

According to Armstrong (2009), "the practice of human resource management (HRM) is concerned with all aspects of how people are employed and managed in organisations. It covers activities such as strategic HRM, human capital management, corporate social responsibility, knowledge management, organisation development, resourcing (human resource planning, recruitment and selection, and talent management), performance management, learning and development, reward management, employee relations, employee well-being and health and safety and the provision of employee services".

German retailer LIDL has recently announced plans to open 20 new stores in the UK. The £220million expansion is expected to create 2500 more jobs. Analyse the activities identified by Armstrong using relevant HRM theories, and suggest ways in which relevant HRM concepts and theories can be applied by LIDL to ensure the success of the proposed expansion.

Guidance on answering assessment questions:

Your assignment should conform to an essay writing style NOT a report. You must start with an introduction and aim to address all aspects of the question by developing an argument in the body of your text, which will then enables you to arrive at a conclusion in which you will provide a evaluative response to the questions posed.  You may use examples and case studies to support your argument, but this is not required.  Your essay must not exceed 3,000 words.

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Reference no: EM131328326

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