How overbuilding can negatively affect the environment

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(a) Given the local context of the Mauritian Tourism Industry, identify two reasons for which the government must have a clearly defined tourism policy

(b) Using Mauritius as example, explain why a government may need a well-planned tourism industry

(c) In formulating national tourism policies, any government may have different roles to assume. Identify and explain eight most common roles and responsibilities that governments need to be involved in, so as to ensure proper formulation and implementation of national policies and strategies. Use examples from the Mauritian context to justify your answers


(a) Discuss the relevance and importance of the following concepts with regards to tourism planning and development-

i) The importance of understanding consumer behaviour

ii) Understanding Macro-Analysis from an Economic approach

(b) With reference to the local tourism industry identify and explain with supported examples five main determinants of tourism demand


(a) Using our own island Mauritius as scenario, discuss the evolution of the tourism industry. Also clearly identify and discuss the contributions that this industry has brought to the country for the past fifteen years

(b) Along the same line, discuss the current challenges that stakeholders of the tourism industry such as the government, the private sector and investors are facing with regards to our Mauritian Tourism Industry


(a) Explain the principles of ecotourism

(b) Explain how effective ecotourism can make a positive contribution to relieving poverty at the destination

(c) State six solutions/measures that tourism authorities and stakeholders may adopt while respecting the principles of eco-tourism in order to achieve environmental sustainability

(d) Explain how overbuilding can negatively affect the environment

(e) Describe using a local context example, how ecotourism can generate social benefits for a community

Reference no: EM133850

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