How much would be the consumer surplus

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The market demand for a good is Q=20-P. The monopoly supplier of the good has a cost function C=Q2.

(a) If the monopolist were to charge the same price for all goods, how much would it charge? How much would it supply? How much profit would it earn? How much would be the consumer surplus? How much would be the deadweight loss?

(b) Now suppose that the monopolist can perfectly ascertain each buyer’s willingness to pay and can perfectly discriminate. What prices will it charge? How much would it supply? How much would be the consumer surplus? How much would be the deadweight loss?

Reference no: EM131392081

Law requiring that rents be cut by one-fourth

Suppose a government wishes to ensure that its citizens can afford adequate housing. Consider three ways of pursuing that goal. one method is pass a law requiring that rents

The millennium ecosystem assessment

Given the need to be good custodians of the environment as well as the need to work and earn a living, can “economic growth” and “sustainable development” co-exist? In respond

Relative demand curve along with the relative supply curve

Now suppose world relative demand takes the following form. Demand for apples/demand for bananas = price of bananas/price of apples. Graph the relative demand curve along with

Maximize profits along with real-life examples

Which types of firms would normally maximize profits along with real-life examples? Should a firm shut down if its weekly revenue is $2,000, its variable cost is $1,000, and i

Quantitative analysis method

For many of the remaining topics in BUS-660, assignments will be in the form of case studies. These case studies are designed to provide an opportunity to engage in that topic

Which device will give the best ear protection in practice

A set of earmuffs has an NRR of 30 dBA, and a set of plugs has an NRR of 20dBA. Workers in a car factory are exposed to 110 dBA for 8hrs. Workers wearing the muffs take them o

Draw supply and demand curves

Draw supply and demand curves. Show the impact of an increase in demand on the price and quantity exchanged in the market. Show the impact of a decrease in demand on the price

Explaining the laws of the internet

Write 2-3 page explaining the laws of the internet has benefit or limited E-commerce. Provide specific examples. You may use additional data sources to supplement your asses


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