How much work will be done rope is parallel to the road

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A crate is moved by pulling the rope attached to it. It moves 10m on a straight horizontal road by a force of 100N. How much work will be done if. 1. the rope is parallel to the road. 2. the rope is making an angle of 30 with the road.

Reference no: EM13939516

Development through the lifespan

Please chose only 1(one) question to answer. This midterm covers the first ten chapters of Development through the Lifespan. Any supplemental professional journal article

What is the role of this technology in forensic science

Prepare a 5-6 page paper researching a subfield technique in forensic science about which you would like to know more. For example: DNA analysis; Blood Spatter analysis; fin

Explain two to three roles that modern government plays

Explain two to three roles that modern government plays in the lives of American citizens. Then, determine at least two benefits and two limitations of the power of the U.

Drastic or uncomfortable decisions that impacted lives

1. What physical or cognitive changes do you see that people in this stage (middle adulthood) make to reach family and career happiness? Did you or someone you know make d

Which aspect of task performance in the stroop task

Which aspect of task performance in the Stroop task is automatic and causes the interference? Do you think that this aspect of performance is innately automatic or automatic t

What role does the institutional church, the roman catholic

1. How is that some people in the corporate world seem to have more developed consciences than others? Explain this reality by naming individuals in the corporate world

Based on the lecture and webtext materials

SOC 300 Develop of countries "Institutions" Please respond to the following: •Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following: ?Every country in the world is

Where should the company spend the 40 million and why

Corben Inc. has a successful brand with the name Crunz.If it is launched, Zaturn will capture 10% of the market. It has a contribution margin of 40%. Half of the sales of Zatu


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