How much will she have accumulated at age 65

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A 20-year-old student wants to save $3 a day for her retirement. Every day she places $3 in a drawer. At the end of each year, she invests the accumulated savings ($1,095) in a brokerage account with an expected annual return of 12%. If she keeps saving in this manner, how much will she have accumulated at age 65?

Reference no: EM131106219

Calculate optimal order quantity

The demand for an item is 8000 units per annum and the unit cost is Re.1/-. Inventory carrying charges of 20% of average inventory cost and ordering cost is Rs. 12.50 per or

A completeliquidation of a corporation

1. With respect to a completeliquidation of a corporation, which Code Section or Sections provide the rulesregarding recognition of gain or loss by shareholders - other than a

Calculate irr on investment

Jacob has an opportunity to invest in new retail development in his building. The initial investment is $50,000 & expected cash-flows are as follows: Year 1: $2,500 Year 2:

Percent growth rate in dividends

Lohn Corporation is expected to pay the following dividends over the next four years: $16, $12, $11, and $6.50. Afterward, the company pledges to maintain a constant 6 perce

Determining the real options theory

Capital budgeting is based on business anticipations and the impact those anticipations will have on fixed asset requirements. Black Sholes offers a theoretical model in Rea

Analyze the requirements for implementing a budget

Analyze the scope and sequence of budgeting in terms of sources of revenues, purpose of government expenditures, budget cycles, budget preparation, and debt administration.

How much will you pay for the company’s stock today

The company pledges to increase its dividend by 4.75 percent per year, indefinitely. If you require an 11 percent return on your investment, how much will you pay for the co

Geometric average annual total returns

Describe how and why it differs from the average (mean) period-by-period return to the fund over the 2010-2012 period - evaluate both the arithmetic and geometric average annu


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