How much will his homeowner insurance policy pay

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Jerry Carter's home is currently valued, on a replacement cost basis, at $477,000. When he last checked his policy, his home was insured for $347,212 and he did not have an inflation guard endorsement. If he has a $33,531 claim due to a kitchen fire, how much will his homeowner's insurance policy pay? How much would be paid if his home were totally destroyed. In order to obtain full replacement coverage, how much insurance should Jerry carry on his house?

Reference no: EM132280646

Harm labor standards the environment and future markets

What arguments are made to say globalization does not harm labor standards, the environment and future markets ?  Once all payments have been received and made, the project “b

What are the differences between meditation and arbitration

Describe two Incoterms rules of your choice. What is the Incoterms rule that is most importer-friendly? Least importer-friendly? Justify your answer. Which of the Incoterms ru

Assume the reverse distances are thesame

The locations of centers 1 and 3 are assigned as shown in the accompanying diagram. Assuming transportation costs are $ 1 per load per meter develop a suitable layout that m

Other qualitative factors should be considered in decision

Presswick Industries supplies plastics used for medical applications such as pharmaceutical injections and collecting laboratory samples. Presswick produces the containers and

What is the break-even point

Assume a fixed cost of $1,200, a variable cost of $7.00, and a selling price of $8.50. What is the break-even point? Break-even point units b. How many units must be sold to m

When evaluating the abortion issue

When evaluating the abortion issue, which ethical principles are most important and why? Do you see any possible “common ground” between the two opposing sides?

What is the associated order policy

Consider the following for a purchased item. Time between reviews= 3 months lead time= 2 months unit cost= $590/unit cost of capital= 20% demand= 2773 units/year with standard

What exactly is a blog

What exactly is a blog? What are some ways that businesses use them? In your opinion, are blogs a legitimate source of information? Should they be allowed as quality sources i


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