How much long-term debt is outstanding

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Question - Milford Inc. has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.80. It has total shareholders' equity of $2.5 million and current liabilities of $750,000. How much long-term debt is outstanding?





Reference no: EM132234178

Problem related to sum-of-the-years-digits method

Green Co. constructed a machine at a total cost of $70 million. Construction was completed at the end of 2007 and the machine was placed in service at the beginning of 2008.

As the manager of an aeropostale store

Two of your friends, Chuck and Joan, have been dating for a year. Chuck earns $3,000 per month as the manager of an Aeropostale store. Joan is a sophomore in college and is

A bakery that orders cartons of bread mix

A bakery that orders cartons of bread mix has used an EOQ model to determine that an order quantity of 90 cartons per order is economically optimal. The bakery needs 150 car

Explain the meaning of the term without recourse

Assuming that the conditions for treatment as a sale are met, prepare Samson's journal entry to record the factoring of $400,000 of receivables. Assume that the fair value of

Various origins of aggressive behavior

Although we label some behaviors as aggressive, we also neglect a multitude of other actions that qualify as aggressive behaviors. As mentioned in your textbook, what matter

Taxable year of the llc under the existing code

Determine the taxable year of the LLC under the existing Code and Regulations. Two years after formation of the LLC, Cameron sells half of his interest (25%) to Totco, Inc. C

A resident adviser ra in the college dormitory

LO.2 Joe is a graduate student who works as a resident adviser (RA) in the college dormitory. As compensation for serving as an RA, he is not charged the $2,200 other stud

Prepare journal entries to record the preceding information

Prepare journal entries to record the preceding information in a single Surprise County Construction Fund and the governmental activities general journal at the government


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