How much interest in dollars will the firm pay

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Data back-up systems has obtained a $10,000, 90-day bank loan at an annual interest rate of 15% , payable at maturity. (Note: Assume a 365-day year)

A. How much interest in dollars will the firm pay on the 90-day loan?

B. Find the 90-day rate on the loan

C. Annualize your result in part B to find the effective annual rate for this loan, assuming that it is rolled over every 90 days throughout the year under the same terms and circumstances.

Reference no: EM13976600

What is the cost of goods sold for the period

A company had beginning inventories as follows: Direct Materials, $900; Work-in-Process, $1,100; Finished Goods, $1,900. It had ending inventories as follows: Direct Materials

How do sunk costs affect the determination of cash flows

Should you focus on cash flows or accounting profits in making the capital-budgeting decision? Should you be interested in incremental cash flows, incremental profits, total f

Accounts receivable-current liabilities-current assets

Find K-Mart’s accounts receivable, current liabilities, current assets, total assets, Return On Assets, common equity, and long-term debt. Suppose you were a potential investo

Experiencing high demand for product and high growt rates

Grainery Distiller, Inc. is experiencing high demand for its product and high growt rates. The company just reported earnings per share of $5 for the most recent year and has

What is the companys degree of operating leverage

The following is from Alsatia Corporation's financial statement information for last month: The company has no beginning or ending inventories and produced and sold 10,000 uni

Growth rate in dividends is expected-current price per share

The Farmer's Market just paid an annual dividend of $5 on its stock. The growth rate in dividends is expected to be a constant 5 percent per year indefinitely. Investors requi

Average monthly sales and average monthly on order

If the Open to buy for each month is : February: $30,400.00 March: $31,250.00 April: $127,800.00 May: $162,000.00 June: $377,550.00 July: $127,500.00. Using the figures provid

Maturity assuming that bond yield to maturity

Compute the price of a $1, 000 par value, 20 percent (semi-annual payment) coupon bond with 11 years remaining until maturity assuming that the bond's yield to maturity is 12


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