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1. Black represents a company that makes computers .blacks tell the white manufacturing company that installation of the system for cost control in the rental of the machine to process them will save the company $6000 per month. As a result, white manufacturing company where is the macine and install the system. After six months of operation how is determined that the System is losing money at a rate of $3000 per month. The white manufacturing company sues blacks employer for the $18,000 lost by use of the system to date in the $36,000 that would have been saved if blacks claim had been correct. White manufacturing company charges fraud. How much can white manufacturing company recover on what basis?

2. Gray on brown $600 on the old dead. Great refuse to pay the debt several times, plain and lack of funds each time. Brown finally attempted to collect the debt at a time when brown knew gray had sufficient money. Gray offered to pay $400 and give Brown a wrist watch worth about $30 if Brown would consider the debt paid in full. Brown accepted Later brown brought an action for the remainder of the debt. Can Brown get it? Why or why not?

3. Black, the engineer, agreed to act as an expert witness for white in a court case. In return, black is to receive a $50,000 plus expenses for the expert witness service. Is this contract lawful?  Why or why not?

4. Green orally contracts with the gray die shop to build a punch press die for $2000. The production for which green was going to use the die is canceled and green refuses to except pay for the die. Gray claims that the contract was for a service and, thus, great is in entitled to payment. Green point out that dies all the usual product of the shop and, therefore, that the contract had to be in writing to be enforceable. Who was right? Why?

Reference no: EM131308337

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