How might the policy make it better for poor people

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1. summarize the proposed policy and then to answer some questions (not ask them) about the policy.
2. Such as, it is administratively feasible?
3. What problem is it trying to solve?
4. Will it solve the problem? Might it cause more problems?
5. Who is supporting it and why?
6. How might the policy make it better (or worse) for poor people?
7. Is the policy equitable?

· I do not want to hear other people's views unless you are using them to support your thoughts.

Writing potion

1. 2 for pages
2. Cited
3. Reference page
4. Find the book: Title: American Social Welfare Policy by karger and stoesz
5. Address four point of policy analysis from the book (karger & stoesz, 2014, pg 29)
6. Discuss one framework for policy analysis (karger & stoesz, 2014, pps 26-27)
7. Conclude with response regarding the relevance of the policy and proposal to social work

Attachment:- provenpoliciestoreducehealthdisparities_2_1_extra_credits_2.rar

Reference no: EM131130047

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