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This project will require you to come up with a plan to put positive psychology into action. You should select one or more positive psychology constructs (altruism, helpfulnessmindfulness) or theories (e.g., the broaden and build theory of positive emotions) and develop a plan to bring these constructs to life over the course of the semester, preferably having the effect of positively affecting the lives of others. At the end of the semester, write a summary about your positive psychology in action project, incorporating material from the text and other sources.

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All papers should include:

•A title page with the name of the project and other information (your name, course)

•A table of contents

•A section including the definition and a description of the positive psychology construct(s) that you have attempted to put into action in your project

•A section describing the design, goals, and implementation of the project (i.e., what is the goal, what is the plan to achieve the goal, who will be affected by the project, what are the desired outcomes) and a rationale for why you think this plan will have the desired outcomes

•An analysis section in which you critique your own work - if there were problems or if the goals were not achieved, why do you think this was the case, and what could you do to improve this project if you were to try it again in the future? If the goals were achieved, why do you think this was the case, and is there anything you would do differently to make the project even better if you were to try it again in the future?

•In a separate section, or combined with the above section, choose three of the assigned articles or videos from the course (any from Weeks one through eight) that are most relevant to your positive psychology in action project and provide the following: ?One picture (graphic format is not important) that best captures the relevance of the concepts presented in the article/video

?Two Web sites with two to three sentences that describe the Web site for each article/video

?One article summary (note the actual article must be at least two pages in length) from a peer-reviewed journal for each article/video you choose. You must include a means of gaining access to a copy of the article (e.g., the appropriate doi or an active hyperlink) in the references section.

?Three paragraphs describing why you chose the pictures, Web sites, and articles.

•A strong conclusion of at least five pages, double-spaced, reflecting on how you interpret and understand the material, integrating your project with the material. Include any thoughts on how you perceive you can use the information learned from the course and from your project. Also, how might the information be used on a broader level (e.g., in applied psychology, schools, etc.)?

•A list of references. At least three.

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Reference no: EM131102815

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