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Week 5 Assignment

Critique the same instrument or survey that you discussed in assignment 4.1, redesign the instrument and provide new instructions for how the instrument should be implemented. Account for random sampling and bias this time. Explain why the changes you made address these two issues. How might the implementation of the tool change? Does changing the implementation or design of the tool affect the quality of results that you obtain? Include a copy of your revised version of the instrument or survey.

Recommended 2 to 4 pages. Include a copy of your revised version of the instrument or survey.

Attach will be files for the following assignment 4.1

During week 5, you will be analyzing the instrument that you used as a basis of your discussion in the 4.1 discussion board

Lin, B., & Kelly, E. (1995). Methodological issues in patient satisfaction surveys. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 8(6), 32-37. Retrieved from 94938?accountid=28125.

Attachment:- Week4 Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131107610

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