How might democratic states avoid a protectionist backlash

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This is an individual essay, which accounts for 30% of your overall mark. The word limit is 2000 words.

The submission deadline is 18:00 AEST on Monday, 3 October 2016, and submissions should be typed and submitted electronically in pdf format to me. You are strongly advised to keep a hard copy.

This assignment gives you an opportunity to explore in greater depth a topic within the subject that happens to interest you. In essence, your assignment should seek to apply some of the economic theory studied to a particular real- world case study, policy debate or controversy. Examples of possible titles include:

- Are global1 trade2 patterns consistent with economic theory?

- How might democratic states avoid a ‘protectionist backlash' against free trade?

- If there are gains from trade liberalisation, then why do countries so often choose protectionism?

- What is the proper role of free trade within successful economic policy?

- Is trade liberalisation necessary for economic growth and development?

- Does inward FDI benefit developing countries or are they exploited by MNEs?

- Does outward FDI deindustrialise or enrich Western nations?

Or any other title within the scope of the subject that reflects your own partic- ular interests. If you choose your own title, you may wish to check its suitability with me. (A word of advice: In order to focus your work, it can often be a good idea to frame your title as a question.)

An important part of this assignment is the work you put into framing and then researching your own topic. Possible sources of inspiration for a title are the assigned textbook and a selection of journal readings listed below. Please do feel free to consult me concerning your ideas for a title and/or possible sources for background reading and research.

Reference no: EM131197205

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