How might addison''s disease have affected his blood pressure

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Addison's disease develops when the adrenal cortex does not secrete enough mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids. President John F. Kennedy was diagnosed with the disease when he was a young man. Before he started treatment with hormone replacement therapy, he was hypoglycemic and lost weight. Which missing hormone was responsible for his weight loss? How might Addison's disease have affected his blood pressure?

Reference no: EM132280411

What is fibrosis pertaining to diabetic manifestations

What is fibrosis pertaining to diabetic manifestations? What are the possible interaction of CTGF, IGFBP-5 and calcium in contributing to fibrosis in diabetic skin and retardi

Germ cell specification in drosophila

Embryonic pattern specification during development in some cases requires maternally contributed ‘determinants', and in others is regulated by signaling between cells. For e

Perform a chi-square analysis to demonstrate

Cross was made between two strains of plants that are agriculturally important, one strain was disease resistant but herbicide sensitive, the other strain was disease sensit

Prevention of disease through vaccination

Choose a diseases/disorder that you learned about this week that can be prevented through vaccination. Research the disease background including etiology, symptoms, treatment,

The large diversity found within bacteria

There are many factors that contribute to the large diversity within bacteria. There are certain factors that allow for increased diversity in bacteria when compared to huma

What is a biocide

What is a biocide and how is it different from antimicrobial? What are the implications of this for resistance to these chemicals? For resistance to antimicrobials.

Explain the purpose of iodine in the gram stain procedure

Explain what causes gram-negative bacteria to stain pink. Explain what causes gram-positive bacteria to stain purple. Explain the purpose of iodine in the Gram stain procedure

Role of hox genes in brain development

Describe b riefly the role of HOX genes in brain development. If a twenty-five year old woman using Accutane to treat acne discovers that she is pregnant, what concerns do you


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