How many years will it take you to accumulate

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You graduated from college and landed a good job. You want to replace your car but you do not want to take out a car loan. Instead, you decide to invest $100 per month in the stock market and hope to earn 8%. If the market performs as you hope, how many years will it take you to accumulate $30,000. Ignore taxes.

Reference no: EM132281347

Taxation government spending wages costs of inflation

Assume that a country has a growing budget deficit, carries a very large debt, is in a period of high unemployment with interest rates almost at zero, and annual inflation and

Degree of operating leverage provide to management of firm

What information does the degree of operating leverage provide to management of a firm? How do we define cost elasticity? Is there any relationship between cost elasticity and

What will be the monthly payment-assume no fees in mortgage

Beth and Bob Salerno are looking at refinancing their home loan of $250,000 and have been quoted 3.75% NAR for a 30 year loan compounded monthly. What will be the remaining ba

Net purchases of company t for that year

The rate of stockturn for Company T in the year 2006 was 12.5. At the start of that year the company held stock to the value of $327,950, and at the end of that year the val

Relationship in property rights-corruption-economic progress

The rate of economic progress in a country seems to depend on the extent to which the country has a well-functioning market economy in which property rights are protected. Dis

Economy experiences a one-time increase in productivity

When an economy experiences a one-time increase in productivity, there is an immediate increase in A) the saving rate B) consumption per worker C) the capital-labor ratio D) t

Path through which contractionary monetary policy works

?Which of the following is the path through which contractionary monetary policy works?  ?Which of the following types of unemployment is considered to be the most controllabl

Why does marginal cost initially decrease

Why does Marginal Cost initially decrease? The Average Fixed Cost continues to decline as the quantity increases. Why? Why does the Average Variable initially decrease? Where


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