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Given an array of names (stored as pointers to strings), use c++ program to print out the "mode", i.e., the name that appears the most times in the array and how many times it appears. Assume there is only one "mode"

Reference no: EM132184771

Distinguish between targeted marketing and mass marketing

Distinguish between targeted marketing and mass marketing and explain what led to the rise of each. Describe the different market-segmenting strategies companies pursue and wh

Continuous time markov chains-pharmacy windows design

You are hired to design pick-up windows for a pharmacy. Currently there are 3 pharmacists hired in this store. Each worker has been cross trained to perform all functions.

Evaluating rival companies business competition strategies

Identify the type of business level strategy each firm is using and evaluate its effectiveness. Consider cost leadership, differentiation, focused cost leadership, as well a

Explains the special considerations you would take

Write a paper that explains the special considerations you would take when writing about a public figure to avoid libel. How might litigation impact public opinion of the pu

Algorithm design and applications

For each of the following statements about wavl trees, determine whether it is true or false. If you think it is true, provide a justification. If you think it is false, giv

Illustrate what is average total cost of producing e-books

illustrate what is the profit-maximizing price of e-books relating to do-it-yourself topics? At the profit-maximizing quantity, illustrate what is the average total cost of pr

How the ups facilitates the passage of its customers goods

Discuss how the UPS facilitates the passage of its customers' goods through customs, and helps them comply with other trade restrictions. Make full use of relevant sources

Risk assessment and business impact analysis

You must first begin with a risk assessment and business impact analysis. Write a draft memo to the president of the university explaining the need for a business continuity


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