How many outstanding shares the company has

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Consider two companies: United States steel (X) and Facebook (FB).

Look at the profiles (financial statements for 2016) of each on yahoo finance and discuss the followings (you need to calculate these values yourself and show details of your calculations):

How many outstanding shares the company has?

What is the market value of the company?

What is the book value of the company?

What is the beta for the company?

How do you find the risk free rate? (consider the market risk premium to be 8%)

Using CAPM calculate the expected return on the equity for the company.

(To get the required rate of return on debt, divide the interest expense by total debt)

(To get the total debt, add the short term debt to long term debt)

What is the Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the company?

Reference no: EM132279891

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