How many do you expect to be homozygous dominant

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Reference no: EM13121946

Consider a population of bats where the folded ear allele is recessive to the un-folded ear allele. If in a population of 100 bats, 64 of the bats have un-folded ears, if they are in HW equilibrium, how many do you expect to be Homozygous Dominant? Homozygous Recessive? Heterozygous?

Reference no: EM13121946

Find difference between positive and negative regulation

Examples of positive and negative control of transcription can be found in the regulation of expression of the bacterial operons lac and trp. Use these two operon systems to

What is the genotype associated with each flower color

A cross between two plants that both have yellow flowers produces 80 offspring plants, of which 38 have yellow flowers, 22 have red flowers and 20 have white flowers.

What kind of inhibitor is x

You are observing an enzyme driven reaction. to the reaction mixture you add a chemical X which inhibits the reaction. If you add more substrate, the reaction rate approache

Lose weight and compete with a lower tier

Some boxers and wrestlers dehydrate abruptly by spending time in a sauna and sweating a lot in order to lose weight and compete with a lower tier, however this is a serious

Provide signals to investors in a market

How can changes in a firm's capital structure provide signals to investors in a market? Explore the upsides and downsides to the use of financial leverage. The "baby boomer"

What is the term for this allelic relationship

The trait of wavy flowers in petunias is determined by the genetic condition PP' Plants with flat flowers are PP, while plants with curly flowers are P'P'. A cross is made b

Moles of co2 areproduced than could be accounted

When acetyl-CoA is abundant, the addition of any one of the citricacid cycle intermediates to a preparation carrying out the citric acid cyclecan result in a far more than s

Working in a winery

You are working in a winery. You just determined that a wine sample contained 3.0 × 108 yeast/ml by measuring its turbidity. Now you want to double check the yeast concentrati


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