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In a particular plant, three independently assorting genes (Aa, Bb, Cc) influence height, such that each dominant allele adds 4 cm to a base height of 2 cm. The recessive alleles do not add any height. You crossed a AABBcc plant with a AAbbCC plant.

Part A- How tall are the F?1 plants?

Part B- If the F?1 plants are crossed, how many different heights would be observed among the F?2 progeny? Enter your answer as a single whole number.

What would be the phenotypic ratio among the F?2 ? Enter your answer as whole numbers separated by colons, without any spaces. Do not include any phenotypes or genotypes, but arrange your ratio from shortest to tallest (left to right). For example, for a hypothetical 9:3:3:1 ratio, 9/16 would represent the shortest plants and 1/16 would represent the tallest plants.

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