How many default tables word press have

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Word Press

Q1. What is Word Press?

Q2. How many default tables Word Press have? Can you name those Word Press table?

Q3. Tell me Is website on Word Press Secure?

Q4. What is the procedure to call a constructor for a parent class?

Q5.Can you answer that whether objects are passed by value or reference?

Q6. Can you override database values for your sit URLs in wp-config.php?

Q7. State some of the basic features of WordPress?

Q8. What is the difference between characters 35 and x35?

Q9. Briefly explain the procedure to pass a variable by value in WordPress?

Q10. What are the key features of word press?

Q11. Tell me the method to define a constant?

Q12. What ways to use WordPress?

Reference no: EM13934417

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