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Part 1 Initial Post

Prime Time Television

For this week's discussion I am encouraging you to watch TV. Yes, that is correct, I an encouraging you to sit back and watch a full hour of one of your favorite shows on prime-time television. However, instead of getting up during the commercial break or fast forwarding through the commercials you will need to give your undivided attention to the commercials and even use a stop watch or clock to monitor the length of the commercials. Upon the end of your one-hour of TV time answer the following questions regarding your findings and engage in class discussion on your thoughts, theories, and ideas of commercials. Happy Watching

• In a one-hour (full 60-minute) period, how many minutes were devoted to advertising? How were they distributed throughout the hour?
• How many commercials were roughly 60 seconds long? 45 seconds? 30 seconds? 15 seconds?
• Was the same product advertised more than once during the hour? Were the commercials identical?
• How well do the commercials fit with the program? Do the programs and the products have similar target markets?
• Did you find any commercials to be effective in their advertising methods, why or why not?
• Do you love or despise commercials and why?

PART 2 Peer Responses

Respond to both of these peer discusion posts

Peer #1 John

I watched Modern Family on USA. There were 5 commercial breaks, they lasted about 3 minutes 30 seconds a piece for a total of about 18 minutes. Each break had about 7-8 commercials The majority of them were only 15 seconds long. There were 2 medicine commercials that were about 1 minute and 15 seconds long. The commercials were all targeted towards a specific audience. I feel that the commercials were targeted towards 25-45 age range. I never really noticed how targeted commercials were until this assignment. Commercials always seemed so much longer than they actually are. I don't hate commercials, but sometimes when really involved in a television show it cuts to a commercial break , that can be aggravating at times.

Peer #2 Jenny

In my sixty-minute viewing of my favorite television show which is Law and order SVU twenty minutes and ten seconds was commercials. Throughout the hour viewing there were eight to ten commercials in each segment. There were one commercial that lasted one minute long and that was the station Ion television that advertised their own television show so that people will continue to view their station. There was one of their commercial every commercial break then there was JCpenny's commercial that came in second and this commercial was thirty-five-second-long and each one after that only was fifteen seconds long. The commercial that was for the television station was the only different commercial each other ones was the same every time. A lot of the commercials did not fit the show I was watching, I was watching a show that deals with murder and rape then they would play a commercial of E- harmony and shopping to my viewing the show and the commercials did not go together. The commercial I can say their advertising was effective was the Ion television commercials, because I wanted to watch two of the other shows they were showing. I do not like commercials because it seems that they are right in the middle of when your show is getting good. I was laughing when I read the assignment because I am the one that fast forward through the commercials.

Reference no: EM131340870

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