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Question 1. Write a MARIE program using a loop that multiplies two non-negative numbers by using repeated addition. For example, to multiply 3 x 6, the program would add 3 six times or add 6 three times. You should write and run the program using MARIE simulator. Also write the code with Address, Instruction, and Comments.

Question 2. You are designing an instruction set for your computer. All the instructions are of same size (11 bits long). The size of an address field is 4 bits. You have already designed five 2-address instructions and 40 1-address instructions. How many 0-address instructions can still you can fit? Justify your answer.

Question 3. Write code to implement the expression: A= (B + C) * (D - E) on 3-, 2-, 1- and 0-address machines. In accordance with programming language practice, computing the expression should not change the values of its operands.

This assessment task covers topics on CPU operation and Instruction Set Architecture, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

- be able to demonstrate and appropriately use computer organisation and architecture terminologies;
- be able to investigate the internal operation of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and describe how it is used to execute instructions;
- be able to investigate and describe in detail the essential elements of computer organisation including internal bus, memory, Input/Output ( I/O) organisations and interfacing standards and discuss how these elements function;

Reference no: EM131048402

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