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A plane has an airspeed of 100mph. The pilot wishes to reach a destination 900midue east, but a wind is blowing at 20.0mphin the direction 60.0°north of east.In what direction must the pilot head the plane in order to reach her destination?How long will the trip take?


Reference no: EM13853082

Course is energy value chain

The course is Energy Value Chain. You are a consultant working for an advisory company that prepares concise reports for clients to "educate" senior managers in the respective

Generates a growing stream of income in perpetuity

A British insurance company is offering a new financial product that generates a growing stream of income in perpetuity. The motivation is that it will provide a steady, but g

Osha currently enforces an eight-hour

OSHA currently enforces an eight-hour, time-weighted average (TWA) PEL of 90 dBA, and uses a 5 dB exchange rate. NIOSH recommends an eight-hour TWA exposure limit of 85 dBA an

Contingency planning paper

Assume that you have been hired by a small veterinary practice to help them prepare a contingency planning document. The practice has a small LAN with four computers and Inter

Various management systems standards

1. Consider the key tenets of well-known management systems. Discuss why you believe similar, key management concepts tend to recur in the various management systems standards

What is the expected completion time of the project

Describe a project you're familiar with. Analyze it carefully in light of the material covered in this module. Draw a path diagram for the project and calculate the expected

Explain the challenges involved in new-venture development

Explain the challenges involved in new-venture development. Many entrepreneurs have a poor understanding of the finances associated with their new venture and/or have a vent

Generate a huge amount of revenue for the community

Because an event this large will generate a huge amount of revenue for the community selected it is possible that some communities might attempt to sway the decision making


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