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Alexis borrows $10,000 today and promises to pay it back in equal monthly installments of $250. If the agreed loan interest rate is 6% compounded monthly, how long (how many monthly payments) will it take Alexis to pay off the loan and accrued interest completely (to a zero balance)? Use linear interpolation as necessary to get as close an answer as possible.

Reference no: EM13309801

Calculate the degree of saturation and air content

Soil has been compacted in an embankment at a bulk density of 2.15 Mg/m^3 and a water content of 12%. The value of Gs is 2.65. Calculate the dry density, void ratio, degree

Determine the normalized undrained shear strength

A standard undrained triaxial test was performed on a fi ne-grained soil. The soil was consolidated to a cell pressure of 120 kPa and then unloaded to a cell pressure of 80

Find cross-sectional area of the concrete for canal width

a river diversion canal discharges into a concrete flume of rectangular section running down a steep slope. the walss and the floor of the flume are to be 300 mm thick, and

Determine if the screen needs to be cleaned

A manually cleaned bar screen has bars with a thickness of 8-mm (0.31-in) and openings 25-mm (0.98-in). After operating for a period of time, assume that the opening size decr

Determine the maximum permissible torque tmax

The composite shaft is made of a steel sleeve, which is bonded to a brass core. The outer diameters of the two parts are d1 = 40 mm for the brass core and d2 = 50 mm for the s

Specific gravity of solids in this soil

The total volume of a soil specimen is 120 cm3 and its total mass is 220g. Specimen porosity is 0.4 and specific gravity of solids is 2.66   Determine the following: (a) water

Estimate the overall dimensions

Provide a reasonable design for a 99.4% efficient ESP treating 30,000 m^3/min of gas. The dust has a resistivity of 7.1 (10)^10 ohm-cm. Specify the total plate area, channel w

Determine the energy removed from the air after it is cooled

Moist air at standard conditions is at a dry bulb temperature of 80 degree F and a relative humidity of 50%. It is cooled to 50 degree F. Use the psychromtric chart to determi


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