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In the first part of the coursework, you created two knowledge representations for a cinema using different semantic web technologies. In the second part of the coursework, you will now be extending these representations and adding additional features.(see folder CW1)

In part 1, your representations simply stored that the cinema had three screens and each screen had a single film associated with it. You are going to extend this part of the representation so that it stores information about a range of films shown over a three week period.

Your representation should be extended to be able to store three weeks of film showings. Film showings are arranged as follows:
Each screen shows the same film in all three timeslots in a day from Monday to Saturday of a particular week. On Sundays, screen 1 and screen 2 remain the same as for the rest of the week but screen 3 has a themed day and shows three films related to the theme, one in each time slot.

In the text file provided called data.txt (see cw2 folder), you will find three weeks of information about which films are being shown at the cinema. You should express this information in your representation. The information in data.txt is not in XML or RDF format. Each item in the file is labelled and the items are separated by a | character.

Note: you will be modifying and extending your representations produced in part 1. If you wish to start from scratch you may do so but this will usually not be necessary.

The instructions are broken down into three parts: a specification for the XML related parts, a specification for the RDF related parts and a specification for the final report.

Specification: XML

1. Extend your XML representation.
The previous data for part 1only considered a single film being associated with a screen. You will need to modify your representation so that it has the capability to store three weeks of films for each screen including the name of the screen 3 theme and the three theme films for each week.

Data.txt contains the data about the films that will be shown. For each of the three weeks it contains the following information
- Week number
- Screen 1 film
- Screen 2 film
- Screen 3 film
- Theme name
- Theme film 1
- Theme film 2
- Theme film 3

Extend your XML representation so that it now also contains this new data.

2. Create an XML Schema
Now that you have a full XML representation of the data create an accompanying XML Schema

Specification: RDF

To complete this part of the coursework, you should continue to use a suitable URI for the unique definition of your namespace for the RDF data you are defining. You should also make use of existing vocabularies where appropriate. For example: FOAF, Dublin Core and SIOC

1. Extendyour RDF representation
Using Turtle notation as before, modify your previous RDF representation to include the additional information discussed above using the film information from data.txt. You should also update your representation to make use of RDF schema where relevant.

2. Retrieving information with SPARQL
Create SPARQL queries to return the following information:
a. Return all the films shown on screen 1
b. Return all the films for the Sunday Theme Days

3. Modifying information with SPARQL
Create SPARQL queries to add the following information about a fourth week.
a. The film to be shown on Screen 1 for the fourth week is "Frankenstein"
b. The theme for Sunday of week 4 is "Audrey Hepburn" and the films are:
i. Breakfast at Tiffany's
ii. Roman Holiday
iii. Sabrina

Specification: Report
Create a report of around750 - 1000 words in length about the work you have done. You should research the work in the area and use the knowledge you gain to enrich your answer. You should provide references and citations as appropriate.

Your answer should address the following points:

- Explain how linked data can be used in semantic web applications and give suggestions forhow linked data might be used with the representations you have created.

- Providesuggestions with explanations for how OWL could be used to add expressive power to your RDF representation.

- For both your XML representation and your RDF representation, explain your design decisions and comment on how you found extending from the previous representation. Did the larger data set cause you to rethink any of your previous design decisions and if so, why? If you decided to restart, justify your decision.

- What are the advantages of using existing vocabularies when creating an RDF representation?

- Consider the different technologies you have used in both parts of the coursework and appraise how effective each was in working with this data. As part of your answer, you should critique what you have discovered in your research. How well do the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies as discussed by other authors match your own experience with using the technologies?

- What are the good and bad parts of each of your representations?

Outcome requirements (Solution)

1- You should providefour text files in a zip file to the conventional upload link.
1. An xml file
2. An xsd file
3. A file containing your RDF/RDFS representation.
4. A file containing your SPARQL queries.

You should also provide a word file containing the contents of your four files copied and pasted into it along with your report.

2- the REPORT (750 words-1000 words) that answers the previous questions in Specification Reportalongside references and citations

Attachment:- Web tech.rar

Reference no: EM131195763

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