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In this week’s media segments, leading experts in education share their perspectives on how learning theory influences teachers’ practices. Hayes Jacobs observes that curriculum “operationalizes” the belief systems teachers have about how students learn; Alexander discusses key learning theories and explores the relationship between teaching and learning; and McTighe explains that contemporary theories of learning have shifted from a behaviorist to a constructivist orientation. McTighe also suggests a revised way of thinking about Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives based on current research on learning. With these ideas in mind, reflect on how your exploration of learning theory websites and other information in this week’s Learning Resources may help you to articulate your model of learning. Bring to mind a particularly effective learning experience you have had (either as a teacher or as a learner) and identify the aspects that made it a successful experience. Think about how these aspects relate to a particular theory or model of learning and how this may influence your curriculum design.

Reference no: EM131398505

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