How is sound transduced and encoded

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1. What would happen to cerebrospinal fluid pressure if the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid to the venous system by the way of arachnoid granulations would be blocked?

If CSF accumulated, what would this do to the volume of brain tissue and blood contained within the skull?

2. What is a motor unit and what are some characteristics of motor units?

3. What defects might be produced by a bilateral lesion of the inferotemporal region of the cerebral cortex?

4. How is sound transduced and encoded?

5. After an acute, complete spinal cord transection, there is a period of spinal shock, and then a maintained state of altered spinal cord function. What changes are characteristic of chronic paraplegia?

6. What do muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs signal?

7. The descending motor control pathways can be divided into a lateral and a medial system. What are the main differences between these systems?

8. A patient with a stroke cannot gaze conjugately to the left and has a spastic paralysis of the right arm and leg. What single lesion could explain the findings?

i). What are the main motor system diseases that result from lesions affecting the functions of 1) the cerebellum and 2) the basal ganglia?

ii). What are the functions of the main lobes of cerebrum?

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Reference no: EM13708436

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