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Alice's Restaurant

Alice's Restaurant Link:

Instructions: Select ONE aspect of the movie from the list below and write an essay of 400-500 words explaining how this elementfunctions in the movie. Explain your ideas thoroughly using proper grammatical structures and be precise in your descriptions and word choices.Avoid using empty words, extraneous words, and non-academic language. Your essay should include direct quotes from the movie.

1. Music: How is music used in the movie? Does it contribute to the mood, atmosphere, plot, and/or characterization?

2. Humor, Irony, and Sarcasm: How do these elements operate in the storyline? Are they effective? Do they contribute to the narrative in any way? Do they reveal anything of significance about the characters and their milieu?

3. Characterization: How does Arlo portray himself? How are Ray and Alice portrayed? What about the other characters?

4. Religion: How does religion function in the plot? What religious ceremonies occur in the movie? Is there anything unusual about them or about this style of worship?

5. Police: How are the police portrayed? Are there scenes that reveal distinct attitudes toward the police? How do the police view their job and the citizens they protect?

6. Military: How is the military represented? Discuss specific scenes that suggest ideas and attitudesabout the military and its function in society.

7. College: How is the university represented? Discuss specific scenes that convey ideas about the younger generation's attitudes toward and perceptions of higher education during this era.

Reference no: EM131044568

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