How is game of life different from a typical computer game

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Task 5 Conway's Game of Life

You are required to research Conway's Game of Life, and produce a short academic paper (two to three pages) on this topic that would be suitable for publication in an appropriate professional magazine or journal. Ensure you include your references.

Select at least three websites that you can use to answer the following questionsas you conduct your research:

How is the Game of Life different from a typical computer game?

What are the basic rules of the game?

Describe the kinds of objects that emerge in Game of Life, such as still life objects,oscillators, and gliders. Do not limit your discussion to just these objects.

Why is using a computer an appropriate solution to this problem?

What other types of problems could be studied using simulations based on theGame of Life?

Is Game of Life alive?

Reference no: EM131308484

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