How have other people in the past tried to solve-answer it

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Question: Need Graduate thesis on topic " cloud resilience " for 5o pages

Executive Summary: A 1 page summary that articulates the following:

• What is the PROBLEM you are trying to solve? Or what is the research QUESTION you are trying to answer?

• Why is this problem/question worth solving/asking? Who would care?

• How have other people in the past tried to solve/answer it?

• What is your NEW approach to solving/answering this problem? Or what improvement are you making on an existing solution?

• How do you prove that the solution you came up with is a GOOD solution?

• How can you demonstrate that your solution works?

Introduction: a summary of the problem you are trying to solve and your approach.

Problem Statement: describe in detail the problem you are trying to solve.

Background Research: describe the field in general and how others have tried to solve this problem.

The Approach: describe your approach to solving the problem. Describe any potential weaknesses of your approach.

The Implementation: describe how you implemented your approach. If it is a software system give diagrams, relevant algorithms etc.

Evaluation: describe how you evaluated to show that your approach was successful. You may need a methods section, a results section and a conclusion section.

Conclusion: summarize your thesis again as in the introduction. Describe how your evaluation revealed that your system is successful. Describe future work in this area.

Reference no: EM132183880

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