How have human activities changed the landscape

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Describe the major land biome where you live. How have human activities changed the landscape and how has this affected native species? Include specific examples.

Reference no: EM13121284

Explain why it is made and why only for a short time

A lacI+ lacO+ lacZ+ lacY+ Hfr strain is mated with an F- lacI- lacO+ lacZ- lacY- strain. In the absence of any inducer in the medium, beta-galactosidase is made for a short

What ion drives the potential

What are the three main ions that play a role in the equilibrium membrane potential. What ion drives the potential, and why. What kinds of functions might these shared genes h

NaCl alter the mediums specificity or sensitivity

What would be the likely consequences of omitting the NaCl in Mannitol Salt Agar? Why? Would omitting the NaCl alter the medium's specificity or sensitivity? Explain.

Explain the pre-infectional and post -infectional processes

Approximately half of our vitamin K is synthesized by bacteria in the colon. Based on this information, why might taking a broad spectrum antibiotic produce frequent nosebleed

What does this chemical reaction produce

Many plants that grow on land store energy in the form of starch. When plants need energy, the molecules of starch can be broken down. What does this chemical reaction produce

How to create a receptor potential

Thermoreceptors in human skin signal the central nervous system that a change in environmental temperature has occurred. What is the likeliest way such thermoreceptors creat

Estimate the distance in centimorgans between these genes

write out genotypes of each parent and each of the 4 offsprings. notation of genotypes should indicate which alleles share the same chromosome. for each offspring indicate w

Detecting blood types for offspring

Filling out two Punnett squares for a cross between a male with blood type B and a female with blood type AB.  Build two Punnett squares and answer the following questions a


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