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One and a half page to two page cover letter, addressed to me but also perhaps to the Writing Program and/or future students of Writing class, that reflects on your growth as a writer and thinker this term. Your reflections will assist me in understanding what you think of your Writing class work, and it may also assist other Writing Program faculty in determining how successful this course is in helping students grow as writers.

I hope provide for you and me both a sense of culmination and connection for all that you've learned this term, and for the critical reader and writer you've now become.

Here's how to start: Before you write, reflect on the conversations you've had in class, in conferences, and outside of class about your writing and that of others (your peers or the essays in the reader).

Briefly review your Keepers. Reread your reader responses (and your classmates' and my responses to them). Spend some time looking over the papers you have written (including your first one about how you became "literate" and what you considered strong or less strong about your writing), and my comments and those of your editors on each of these essays.

Finally, look once more at all your reflections on and revisions of each essay or RR. AFTER you have done all this, please address in your cover letter some or all of the following questions:

What do you notice about your writing? (How) has it changed over the quarter? What has challenged you and how have you met those challenges? What insights, strategies, or understandings about writing have you gained? What was easy? What was hard? What are you still working on? How has your understanding of yourself as a writer changed (if it has)?

Where do you want to go from here? What advice might you give yourself (or others) about writing?

You might also address your growth as a critical thinker. What do you look for as you read? What strategies of argumentation and/or critical analysis have you learned? In what ways are you more skeptical or more interrogative as a reader - and as a reviser of your own work and/or that of others? How do these gains (if any) affect you as a writer? Have any of your views about education changed?

PLEASE NOTE: like any essay, your cover letter should have a clear argument, logical structure, and smooth transitions. Write as naturally as you can - and with as much economy, precision, and vigor as you can muster; proofread for technical accuracy (no comma splices, sentence fragments, pronoun slippages, orphan quotes, etc., please).

Reference no: EM132191489

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