How has the work of these groups lead to an ethic
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Looking for help on this assignment. We only need to pick 2 out of the 6 questions below. There is no set word amount for each question. We just need to answer the questions fully, and if using any references, they need to be sited. Once again we only need to pick 2 of the 6 questions.

1. Children today are sometimes characterized as nature-deficient. What do you think this means? How can this be addressed?

2. How do the physical, cultural, and educational barriers separating children from nature differ in rural, suburban, and urban communities?

3. Locate an article or website about sustainability and sustainable communities. Provide a brief summary of the efforts being made by a particular community, why the efforts were undertaken, and the expected results.

4. Choose an endangered animal or plant species and list what is being done to protect that species. List a web address that explains efforts to protect this species. Be sure to tell whether this species is valued for its instrumental or its intrinsic value.

5. Do you think food aid is a good policy for the United States to adopt in regards to foreign countries? Consider the economic, ecological, and social impacts and address these in your answer.

6. Find out some information about faith-based initiatives in the United States or overseas. How has the work of these groups lead to an ethic that reforms the culture or redeems creation?

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