How has technology impacted conducting business

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1. How has technology impacted conducting business?

How has traditional contract law evolved to address e-commerce and e-contracts?

What are the primary legal and ethical issues affecting e-commerce?

2. Articulate which punishment, from oral reprimand to termination, would be most appropriate for a female officer involved in posing for nude photographs.

Explore the potential implications of a police officer's error in judgment.

Determine what you, in a leadership capacity, would have done to prevent this potential problem.

Reference no: EM132184155

Objective of minimizing total fixed and variable costs

Blue Computers, a major server manufacturer in the United States, currently has plants in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The Kentucky plant has a capacity of 1 million units a yea

Fudging the accounts receivable documents

Chronic tardiness and absenteeism because the employee is taking care of an aging parent. Sexual harassment accused by a woman against another woman. "Fudging" the accounts re

Develop x-bar and b-bar charts for process using ms excel

A production manager at Ultra Clean Dishwashing company is monitoring the quality of the company's production process. Develop X-bar and B-bar charts for this process using MS

Judgement in applying decompostion and smoothing methods

Consider the role of judgement in applying decompostion and smoothing methods to a time series. Where does judgement enter the process of applying decomposition? Where does ju

Colloquial language and declarative statements in writing

You are to define the phrases: a) Colloquial language in writing, b) Declarative statements in writing, c) paraphrasing, and c) Formal language in writing. Provide a short sum

Use unstructured employment interviews

Discuss some of the reasons why managers continue to use unstructured employment interviews despite the abundant evidence that they are not useful for predicting future job pe

Use of corporate partnerships

What is your evaluation of KaBOOM!’s use of corporate partnerships? What are some of the benefits and risks that KaBOOM! And its partners get from working in partnership? What

Best leverage the tacit knowledge inherent

Echoing principles of the human relations movement, Dalkir claims that much of the organization's valuable knowledge walks out the door at the end of the day. How can organiza


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