How has technology impacted conducting business

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1. How has technology impacted conducting business?

How has traditional contract law evolved to address e-commerce and e-contracts?

What are the primary legal and ethical issues affecting e-commerce?

2. Articulate which punishment, from oral reprimand to termination, would be most appropriate for a female officer involved in posing for nude photographs.

Explore the potential implications of a police officer's error in judgment.

Determine what you, in a leadership capacity, would have done to prevent this potential problem.

Reference no: EM132184155

Describe the importance of a project charter

'Describe the importance of a project charter to the project manager. How does a strong project sponsor and clear project scope apply to the overall success of a project

Discuss some of the key output of each process groups

Briefly describe what happens in each of the five project management process groups (initiating, climbing, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing). Discuss some of

Explain herzberg''s motivation theory

Explain Herzberg's motivation theory and discuss how a manager, using his/her knowledge of this theory, might approach resolving a situation in which an employee is obviousl

Television set manufacturer makes two models

A television set manufacturer makes two models of TV sets, LED and HD, and in two sizes, 32" and 55". The firm has to decide on the mix of the combinations of the two models a

What is the cycle time

Stanford Rosenberg Computing wants to establish an assembly line for producing a new product, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). What is the cycle time? What is the theore

Three ships winery produces two different wine blends

Three Ships Winery produces two different wine blends. A batch of the Dark Night blend uses 4 tons of malbec grapes and 2 tons of merlot grapes. A batch of the Morning Star bl

Where salespeople ask for advice on handling challenges

Which sounds more useful for a business: a site where sales people write stories about their daily experiences or one where salespeople ask for advice on handling challenges?

Potential defendants in product defet lawsuit

There are two potential defendants (aside from the criminal who may have sabotaged the food) in a product defet lawsuit: Delta and the in-flight caterer. What is Delta's poten


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