How has end of the cold war influenced the united states

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Choose one of the seven questions below and write an essay of 8-10 pages. Make sure to use correct citations (Chicago Manual of Style citation method). Cite all ideas, whether quotes or paraphrases, you get from journals and books (do not use Internet resources). Materials derived from the UMUC library computer database for scholarly articles are not Internet resources, thus they are acceptable. You should use JSTOR and EbscoHost for most of your scholarly sources in addition to using primary sources from outside of class. Remember, I have placed documents on LEO to assist in writing the essay by providing clear grammar/style rules in addition to proper footnote formatting. You are required to use them before you submit the essay. Be well acquainted with the documents as I will be using them to determine in large part your grade for the essays. This essay requires the use of a minimum of ten outside (of class) scholarly sources, including 3 primary sources, to be eligible for a grade of A and seven outside (of class) sources, including 2 primary sources, to be eligible for a grade of C. Once again, I will not accept any essays with Internet sources, so no websites. Do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries.

As part of this assignment, you will be submitting what question you are answering and what is your thesis.

The essay is due at 6:00 pm eastern time on Friday, 4 December 2015. I will not accept a late essay except for extenuating circumstances (as I determine them). It is advisable to submit a rough draft, and please send to me at least one full week before the final due date for the research essay.

Your paper must have a clear thesis (answer to the question) and a clear method (how you are answering the question) in the last sentence of the introduction. It must utilize analysis based on scholarly evidence to prove the thesis. The paper must be typed, in Word (no PDFs), double-spaced with one-inch margins, and no cover page. Do not use more than three quotes and none should be longer than three lines. Follow this rule closely.

I will base your grade on the researches clarity (an explicit thesis and method are critical), logic, effectiveness of argumentation, grammar/style/correct citation format (assimilate the writing guide and footnote guide on LEO), the use of at least five sources not from class in addition to class sources, and use of evidence. I strongly recommend submitting a rough draft at least ten days prior to its due date.


1. In what ways did the United States' experience in WWII affect the population or government? Select two specific ways and analyze how the experience influenced the country over the next ten to twenty years.

2. In what ways did the Cold War affect either the American people or the US government? Define the Cold War clearly. Give two examples of the Cold War's influence on the US during the period from 1946-1990 (the era of the Cold War). Analyze with clear examples.

3. What was McCarthyism? Focus on McCarthyism, not Joe McCarthy's life. Why was it so potent a force for several years and why did it ultimately fail? Analyze with clear examples.

4. In what ways did the various civil rights movements affect the U.S. from the 1950s forward? Select one (women's rights, African-American rights, Native American rights, and gay and transgender rights) and analyze two to three influences over the course of ten to twenty years after you start, so for example, 1955-1975 or so, 1960-1980 or so. Focus only on the 20-year period. Analyze with clear examples.

5. In what ways did the Vietnam conflict affect one of the following groups: veterans/soldiers, civilian population, women, African-Americans, etc.? Select two ways and analyze with clear examples.

6. How has the end of the Cold War influenced the United States over the last 25 years (1990-2015) [the Cold War ended in 1990, one year before the collapse of the USSR]? Select two ways and analyze with clear examples.

7. How has the major communications and transportation revolutions influenced the U.S. in the 1990s and 2000s? Select two ways and analyze with clear examples.

8. In what ways did al-Qaida's 11 September attacks on both the US and globalization influence either the US government or the American people in the following decade? Select two ways and analyze with clear examples.

9. In what ways does the newly globalized world (last two decades) offer both challenges and opportunities for the US in this era? Offer one challenge and one opportunity and analyze with clear examples.

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Reference no: EM13870061

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