How has case management changed and evolved over time

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Case management has evolved over the years, both in its theoretical approach and in its roles and functions. The concept of case management became popular in the criminal justice system as a result of the development of rehabilitation as a correctional approach. Since that time, case management has changed and evolved along with the different schools of thought, as impacted by the social attitudes of the times.

Research the history and evolution of case management, and write a paper of 4-6 pages that addresses the following:

• How has case management changed and evolved over time?

• What were the schools of thought during each period, and what were the significant issues that existed during those times?

• How have the roles and functions changed over time?

• How have the changing correctional approaches impacted the roles and functions of case management?

4-6 Pages

Case management within the criminal justice system is impacted by a variety of theories, including psychological, sociological, and criminological. These theoretical approaches may impact the type of treatment and services you identify for your clients.

Respond to the following in your discussion:

• Identify at least 1 theory from each discipline that you feel has the greatest impact on case management.

• Which theory do you feel is the best, and why?

• Are there any theories that you feel are inappropriate for use in case management as it relates to the criminal justice system?

• If you were a case manager in the criminal justice system, would you focus your approach on 1 theory or a combination? Why? Which one(s)?

4-6 paragraphs

Reference no: EM131330068

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