How firm''s pricing can affect or be affected by competion

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Pricing is an integral component of marketing strategy. Discuss how your firm's pricing can affect or be affected by competition, the economic environment, political regulations, product features, extra customer service, changes in distribution, or changes in promotion.

Reference no: EM131241823

What tactics can use to soften or reduce this on-line price

Is demand elastic or inelastic for your company's product or service? Why? What is the demand elasticity for your offering in an off-line world? Whatever the level, it is li

What else might the price of such a product include

Apple CEO Steve Jobs alluded to the price a customer may have to pay to own an iPhone when he said that the steep and sudden price change was simply part of "life in the tec

Are there any legal implications of this choice

What price policy should your firm use? Are there any legal implications of this choice? Will there be differences in on-line versus off-line pricing policies? Are these dif

How else will you differentiate your products or services

Given how products and prices are displayed, how can your offering show a differential advantage if there is a price difference? As prices reach parity on the Internet, how

What kinds of price discounts can your company offer

What kinds of price discounts can your company offer? Should discounted prices be offered to online buyers that off-line buyers do not receive? Why might you charge your onl

What strategies could you try in order to compete

The prescriptions in Wal-Mart's $4 program now make up more than 35 percent of all prescriptions they fill, and the company boasts that the program has saved consumers more

Make a list of all material in each group

Once you have your stack of mail, organize it according to the household that received it. For example, if friends and family helped you collect mail, then keep mail sent to

To what kind of customer is each piece of mail targeted

Based on the content of the mail pieces, determine what kind of information the various companies have about you, your friends, or your family in their databases. Are there


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