How does your family function in this theory

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The family development theory is when changes in the family life cycle occur. Each person in a family unit will go through changes as they grow. As they goes through various stages and events in life; different task and accomplishments are developed. Once a person reaches these different stages that are met and each one brings has role expectations and responsibilities. In my family we socialize with one another, we develop loving relationships, we all help and guide one another. The basic premise is that humans form interpersonal relationships in light of the rewards, costs, or profits that they might be expected to bring." (Darling, 2014)

In this theory family bonds are formed and tested. If a family member dies the family takes care of all the necessary arrangements and they have to continue living their lives. With this theory if a goal or expectation isn't met by a member of the family unit the family doesn't stop functioning. This theory helps me to understand that there are challenges that a family will face and even though one critical evaluation state that ‘the processes of life are not always so neatly segmented. This theory also shows that there are limitations within the family. I think the theories clearly shows some of the stops/caution signs that will bring limitation to the family.

How does your family function in this theory?

Darling, C. A., Cassidy, D., & Powell, L. (2014). Family Life Education.

Reference no: EM131173290

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