How does tourism impact the overall economy in your hometown

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1. Supply and demand are critical tourism components. What are some of the major supply components any tourism area must possess? How could you adjust supply components in accordance with fluctuating demand levels?

2. Why are demand data so important to the hospitality and tourism industry? Give examples. By which businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry are demand data used and why?

3. Here is a great scenario from your textbook. A state tourism director wants to convince the legislature to increase the promotion budget for the next fiscal year. What measure of demand should be used? How might these data be obtained?

4. How much faith should be placed in mathematical models of demand projections? What characteristics of input data affect the degree of reliability?

5. How does tourism impact the overall economy in your hometown? What infrastructure is involved? Please provide examples

6. A full-service restaurant is considering having an elaborate buffet dinner three nights a week. What constraints are likely to bear on this consideration?

7. Why is a tourism satellite account considered to be the best way to measure tourism's impact on the economy?

8. What are the most important interfaces of tourism policy; that is, which other sections of the economy and society need to be aware of tourism policy or might have a significant impact on the success of tourism policy?

Reference no: EM13759252

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