How does this relate to the concept of determining fairness

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1. Reflecting back on branding errors in the global arena, and the wide use of social media, discuss best practices and avoiding pitfalls when using these technological tools. Choose a specific product to discuss, and pinpoint cultural errors that must be avoided in at least 3 countries.

2. Why is it so difficult to pinpoint “ethical” or “unethical” behavior? How does this relate to the concept of determining “fairness”? What are some strategies a negotiator can use to determine whether a given behavior is ethical?

3. Is there a relationship between compensation and higher levels of employee performance? Please explain "yes" or "no" providing 3 reasons to support your position. Secondary Question: How does organizational market position influence compensation philosophy?

Reference no: EM132280909

Create a biography of legendary leader

Create a biography of a “legendary leader”. This leader may be from any field of business, government, science, etc. Your research paper should include the following component

What is the expected number of airplanes circling

Assume that the cost of keeping an airplane in the air is approximately $70 per hour. If the cost of the proposed radar system were $100 per hour, would you recommend its ad

Benefits of employee development programs

What are some of the benefits of Employee Development Programs? Have you participated in an employee development program? If so, was it beneficial to you and in what way? If n

Creativity and innovation amount to few sparks of idea

Creativity and innovation amount to a few sparks of an idea and then a lot of hard work. The condition of creative and new, are always arrived at with a thought process first.

Discuss the importance of communication

Discuss the importance of communication and information exchange to project success. What are the crucial features and elements of effective communication and information exch

Produce part it uses in assembly operation at the rate

A company can produce a part it uses in an assembly operation at the rate of $50 an hour. The company operates 8 hours a day, 300 days a year. Daily usage of the part is 300 p

What is the minimum annual inventory cost

A manufacturer is sourcing a component for a new product. Expected monthly demand is 705 units. The component can be purchased from either supplier A or supplier B, with the f

Conventional supermarkets still sell majority

Conventional supermarkets still sell a majority of food merchandise, but they are under substantial competitive pressures. Who are the emerging competitors and what can they o


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