How does the work reflect or express the artists values

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Write 4-6 pages responding to the questions about the artist 'Pamela Theis'

• Describe the actual work of the artist. (include an example on your blog site along with brief profile of the artist)

• How does the work reflect or express the artist's values? Make sure to describe from the artist's perspective, use quotes from your interview - what motivates them?

• What impact has this artist had on their culture? (culture defined as: family, friends, community, city, state, country or nationally?)

• What is the intention of this artist in making their work? How do they describe their work and why do they do it?

• How does the making of art impact their life style?

• How does their art communicate a "cultural identity"?

• Which of all the readings for the term would best capture the work of this artist? Make sure to be specific about why. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the author beyond a single quote and link this with your artist.

3. Include an image or example (or description if it is not the type of work you can easily represent) of the artist's work

Reference no: EM13258741

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