How does the rn determine if the defense mechanisms are help
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Scenario: A 40-year-old woman was recently diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and had a right side mastectomy this morning and is grieving the loss of her femininity. She has a 13-year-old daughter who becomes over involved in her school activities and wants to get all A's on her next report card, a 12-year-old son who refuses to talk about his mother's condition and a husband who starts attending daily religious offerings.

Create a discussion post using the information in the scenario and the information that was read in the assignments, apply it to the scenario, and identify:

Name and explain which defense mechanism each of the four (4) family members using to deal with the stress the family is facing?

Include information about each family member's stage of growth and development when formulating your responses: How does the RN determine if the defense mechanisms are helpful or harmful.

Using nursing judgment develop a 3 part nursing diagnosis statement for each family member which includes one NANDA-I diagnosis, an etiology and the defining characteristics (nursing diagnosis + related to + as evidence by).

Identify the data cluster (grouping of significant data that points to the existence of a patient health problem) used to select the nursing diagnosis.

One (1) assessment to validate each the nursing diagnosis

One (1) outcome statement for each (realistic, measureable and contains a time frame).

Suggest four (4) active, single and discreet interventions, one (1) for each family member, to aid in their adaptation to the situation. Provide an evidence based rationale to support each intervention.

Identify how you would communicate this information to the health care team to coordinate care.


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The present nursing care and concern is linked with a holistic approach to providing palliative care to the family. In particular, community members use to adopt varieties of defense mechanism to cope up with the stress and mental dilemma.

Note that the complication source can be linked to any aspects related to physical, mental, and societal health (Brykczynski, 2012). It is the responsibility of nurses and other health care professionals in identifying the key areas that can be rectified with appropriate measures to comply with the betterment.

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