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1. In the following fact scenario, identify if Private Citizen would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, support your position by citing relevant case law, holdings. Private Citizen is sitting outside in his enclosed backyard talking to his friend who is the local drug dealer. A drone operated by a private investigator flies overhead remotely recording a video of Private Citizen in his backyard. Please answer these the following:

a. Would your analysis change if the drone remotely recorded audio conversations in addition to visual images? Why or why not?

b. What result if the drone was operated by local law enforcement and remotely recorded both audio and visual images?

2. Provide a url address for a contemporary academic or media article which demonstrates one or more concept(s) in reasonable expectation of privacy. Then write a brief essay, not to exceed 3 paragraphs, identifying the basis for selecting this article and how the events described in the article correlate to the concept/topic.

3. Find a Cybersecurity-related current event, activity, or development in the news, briefly summarize the event and reflect on its significance. You should use any legitimate news source (television, internet, periodicals, etc.) to support your topical input. Questions to address might include:

• How does the event relate to issues addressed in cyber?

• How might similar situations be mitigated?

• What is the broader impact of the event (e.g., nationally, globally, etc.)

Include a link to the story or a citation so that others may read the story.

4. As Congress actively works different versions of Cybersecurity bills in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, what are the obstacles to coming together for a joint resolution bill that could be sent to, and signed, by the President of the United States?

Reference no: EM13937046

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