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Using your entry for Blog Assignment #4 as your starting point, write a three paragraph paper that develops a single "keyword" in connection with two of the films you have identified as exemplifying a city site or location in Paper Assignment #1.

For this assignment, you will have to watch the films you are discussing because your analysis must be specific. Most of the films students in our class mentioned in Paper Assignment #1 are available online in some form, or in Media Services of Paley Library. The writing section assignment is brief because the paragraphs should each do something in a specific and thorough way. Obviously, and unlike the blog assignment this paper may not be about The Fountainhead.

Paragraph #1 should introduce the thematic "keyword" that connects to your urban site or location and explore its associations with it. For example, if your city site is an amusement park, you might say that amusement parks are halfway between everyday life and a fantasy world and discuss why that is. Paragraph #2 should develop the connection with your first film, as it relates to the thematic keyword you have chosen.

How, for example, does the film work with that keyword, and how does that keyword idea become transformed or handled in the course of the film?

Paragraph #3 must open by reusing the same keyword as in Paragraph #1 and #2 in connection with your second film. As it develops, Paragraph #3 should show how your keyword extends, redefines, opposes, or whatever, the use of the keyword in the first film that you discussed in Paragraph #2. That is, Paragraph #3 must posit a relationship between the keyword and the first film and second film, but it does not have to say that they are alike. To put it differently, Harold Lloyd's approach to success and the skyscraper is different than Howard Roark's, but "success" is a thematic keyword in both their films.

This assignment is worth 10 points, and papers will be scored according to how clearly each paragraph fulfills its purpose in a thorough way, with 3.33 points possible for each paragraph.

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Reference no: EM131123859

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