How does one approach move through and exit the structure
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Review the PDF titled "Pre-Colonial and Colonial Architecture", studying each monument carefully and paying special attention to the formal, spatial, and functional peculiarities of each as well as using one to draw out similarities and differences in the other. Select and identify one of the works from one period and construct a post that addresses the following questions:

What is the purpose of this work? (Was it a residence, religious structure, governmental or administrative building? Something else, perhaps?)

What material(s) is it composed of? (Wood, brick, earth or other organic matter?)

How is it organized?

How does one enter/approach, move through, and exit the structure(s)?

Are they meant to be permanent or temporary?

What is the significance of the building within the society/culture that produced it?

You may also identify similarities, differences, and other salient points beyond the above considerations.



Attachment:- Social_Content_and_Style_in_Freake_Portraits.pdf

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