How does movie relate to the supervision concepts
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It is about movie of The Firm. the paper need to show the relatedness to supervision concepts at lease three concepts from the movie

Each student is required to select a movie and will write areport based on the movie that he/she have selected.

After reviewed the movie, answer the questions provided in bullet points below in an integrated written report. It will be helpful to have these questions at hand and make specific notes along with specific parts of the movie so that you can refer to them later when you are preparing your report.

What I mean by integrated is that I do not want youto simply answer question 1, then question 2, etc., but rather I want you to put together acomprehensive analysis that addresses the questions. Be sure to provide evidence tosupport your point. Do not copy and paste a paragraph from a book or internet. Use yourown words to write the report.


• Why did you select this movie to review?

• What does this movie discuss (i.e., provide an overview on the content)?

• How is the material presented (i.e., how is the movie organized)?

• Who is the intended audience?

• If you were a supervisor, how does this movie relate to the supervision concepts?

Be specific. Cite the specific topic and relevant page numberswithin our textbook where these concepts are discussed. Briefly describe thescene/situation in the movie that relates to each concept. You should discuss three (3)different concepts.

• If you were job hunting, what are the job interview tips that you learned from thismovie? Provide at least one tip.

• Would you recommend this movie to others? Why or why not?


• The report should be prepared on Microsoft Word, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using 12 pt, Times New Roman font.

• Be sure to include a complete bibliographical reference for your movie.

• Ensure that the report is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

• A title page is required with your name and the movie that you review. The report should be no more than five (5) pages in length (not including the title page).

• Don't forget to number the pages and include appropriate section headings.

• Do NOT spend the majority of the report summarizing the movie and then spend the final 1-2 pages answering the rest of the questions


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"The Firm" starts to sound extremely frightening right on time in the film, when it gets to be realized that `the firm' has never had a separation, `the firm' supports youngsters,' `the firm' is a major, upbeat, forty one family member. Shockingly, it appears that another intriguing minimal side note is that nobody has ever left `the firm' and lived. . After watching movie, "The Firm," I understood that law offices have supplanted Army detachments as Hollywood's most loved microcosm. The new law thrillers have the same materials as those which were adapted in old World War II action movies: different ethnic and identity sorts who battle with one another when they're not battling the adversary. The law films have one significant favorable position: the female characters take an interest completely in all the activity, rather than simply staying home and composing letters to the front(Pollock, 1993).

Discussion/ Introduction
The lawful perspectives are misrepresented by few motion pictures. But this one milks them for everything they have. Without uncovering a lot of the plot, I can say that McDeere is inevitably being extorted all the while by both the FBI and the association's security boss (Wilford Brimley). To spare himself, he needs to utilize both mind and muscle, beating executioners and outmanoeuvring legal advisors, to spare both his life and his permit to specialize in legal matters.

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