How does market research support brand positioning

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1. How does market research support brand positioning? Why is it important that a product be positioned in the market?

2. What are some of the disadvantages of using distributors as channel partners compared to a company’s own direct sales force? Be specific and give 2-3 disadvantages.

3. Why would it be important to have a plan for leadership development?

Reference no: EM132234339

Describe ghosn leadership style

How would you describe the context into which Carlos Ghosn was thrown when he was recruited in 1999 to turn around Nissan? How would you describe Ghosn's leadership style?

Authority over human resources and employee

You are an engineer with authority over human resources and an employee comes to you and says, “I want to tell you something about someone, but you can’t tell anybody.” He the

What is the purpose of environmental analysis

What is the purpose of environmental analysis. What are the implications of environmental analysis in the creation of your strategic plan. What are the major benefits of compe

Company produces a grain combine

The Farm-4-Less Tractor Company produces a grain combine (GC) in addition to both a large (LT) and small size tractor (SM). Its production manager desires to produce to custom

Make a gantt chart to help charlie

Make a Gantt chart to help Charlie organize his crew to perform the concert-to-basketball conversion. Note: Do not include the teardown of the concert stage and equipment, a

Decision making and framing process

Your organization is located in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the nation. Your organization hosts and supplies services to all the courts in the United States, incl

Customer relations management-payroll and social networking

Some examples of information systems are travel reservations, customer relations management, payroll and social networking. Give an example for each part of the Information sy

Discuss employee benefits plans for small businesses

Analyze employee benefits plans  Research and discuss employee benefits plans for small businesses. This involves searching the library/Internet for appropriate information. A


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